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At Shaffer Roofing and Seamless Guttering

we are about maintaining excellence; from the highest quality work, to superior materials and service. We aim to bring a "conscience" back to the contracting industry; and we NEVER sacrifice details for the bottom line. Let us show you the work of authentic professional tradesmen.

Brooke Shaffer
sole proprietor, grew-up near Herndon, PA. He, along with his wife Jayme, started Shaffer Roofing during his junior year at Peru State College, in Peru, NE. Even though they both knew that their future would remain in the roofing contracting business, they completed their degrees. Brooke graduated with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, and Jayme with a degree in Psychology. To the dismay of many happy customers, they moved Shaffer Roofing home to Pennsylvania, in 1999, to be closer to their loved ones.

After almost 20 years together
Brooke and Jayme are a well-balanced business team who make all of their decisions based on integrity and quality. Brooke and Jayme say "our lives and Shaffer Roofing are completely intertwined, and that is why we put so much of ourselves into our business. Even our employees become akin to family. We do not go home at the end of the day and forget about our work; our home is our office. Nor do we approach a single job as work to be rushed through and forgotten; every job done becomes a part of our business' foundation. We are building a business for our children and grandchildren; a business to be revered for its quality and honesty for many generations."

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